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MEST3 Section B – The Impact of Digital Media on Institutions, Government and Power (class study)

May 28, 2014

Overview of the Impact of New and Digital Media on Institutions, Government and Power

An interesting blog entry on social media and social activism, with links to several other useful articles in the ‘points of interest’ section –

BBC News Magazine article on Kony 2012 and the rise of online campaigning –

Huffington Post article on how Kony 2012 and social media have re-invigorated media audiences –



Blog article on Wiki-Leaks in the context of global corporations –

The Wiki-Leaks documentary –

A short promotional film for Wiki-Leaks –

A brief report on the safety of whistle-blowers in the digital age –

Blog article on Wiki-Leaks and the fourth estate –

Wiki-Leaks’ website for the release of footage of the 2010 Apache attack, with two versions of the footage and eyewitness testament –


Social Media and The Arab Spring

Guardian interactive timeline of The Arab Spring protests, commencing in 2010 –

Nextwork discussion of the role of new technology in facilitating The Arab Spring –

BBC Documentary on The Arab Spring, How Facebook Changed The World (4 parts) –

A brief activist-produced report on social media and The Arab Spring –


Kony 2012

Guardian blog article that evaluates the success of Kony 2012 as a digital media campaign –

Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign official 30 minute documentary –

Invisible Children’s official website –

Inside Story documentary on Kony 2012 and the future of political activism –

Brief report on how social media changes political activism –

A Guardian article that criticises Kony 2012’s social activism as entertainment –

A video blog response to Kony 2012, highly critical of Invisible Children’s selective representations –

Kony 2012 as mass audience propoganda –

Invisible Children’s follow-up video report, Kony 2012 Part 2; Beyond Famous  –

Guardian article evaluating criticisms of the Kony 2012 campaign –


 X Factor vs Rage Against The Machine

BBC News report on the battle for the Christmas Number One single –

A sceptical New Musical Express blog article criticising the anti -X Factor campaign as pointless –

Second BBC News report as the campaign intensified –

Guardian article on the success of the anti-X Factor campaign –

Independent article as above –









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