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MEST1 Section B – Areas of focus for revising and applying your Cross-Media Study.

April 29, 2013

Section B (32 marks)

Read the question closely, paying attention to key words to identify what is required in your answer – do not simply regurgitate every aspect of your study and indiscriminate use of media concepts.

Look carefully at how you are being asked to apply your cross media research and draft a brief plan for your answer, to ensure that you draw upon a range of the most appropriate texts across all three platforms.

In your preparation for the Section B question in the MEST1 examination, focus on exploring and understanding how your selected texts could link in with the following topics.

Audience interaction? 

Encouraged? Made easy? Multi-Platform or one platform dominance? How does this relate to the audience demographic? Does interaction tie in with any promotions or sponsorship ‘delivering’ the audience to the advertisers?

New technology?

Embraced new or old technologies still favoured? How does this relate to the audience demographic? Which technology dominates? Does this create links to external advertisers? Has this improved audience experience? How?


Audience control?

How can audiences exert their control? What differences across texts do you notice? Does this relate to audience demographic? Consider carefully the institutional decisions which give the audience control? Is it still in their favour? Which platform allows for greatest audience control?

Audience as consumers or producers?

Can the audience manipulate or influence the text? How and to what extent? What differences are there across texts and how does this relate to the audience demographic? Can the audience influence and manipulation be negative? Which technology encourages greatest consumption or production?


Change and development?

How have the text producers shown development and response to multi-platform approach (Use your texts as examples)? What cross platform links are now crucial to the success of the text? How does this relate to the audience demographic? In this sense, how do the texts compare to each other?

Intertextual synergy in media language and forms?

Are there any clear links in terms of mise-en-scene, visual and sound elements, design aesthetics and connotative meanings? How do these elements link to the genre codes and conventions of the films being promoted?

Uses and Gratifications – Entertainment? Information?

How are your texts primarily used by audiences? Analysing the codes and conventions what are the preferred readings of the texts? Is the text open to negotiated or oppositional readings? How are audiences directed to other platforms to continue fulfilling these needs? Consider the pleasures obtained from each platform by the audience demographic.



How are the people or places in your Cross Media case study represented? How do these representations relate to dominant ideology and stereotypes?

Are their any opportunities to provide countertypes? What links do your texts make with advertisers across platforms? How does this fit the representation? Are some platforms used more successfully than others to create the desired representation?



How do the cross-media texts communicate the explicit and/or implied narrative of each film? Are they the same or do they reveal different aspects of the narrative? Consider Propp’s narrative functions, use of Todorov’s theory of equilibrium/disequilibrium and Barthes’ enigma/action codes.



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